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The Most Potent Sativa Strains

The Most Potent Sativa Strains

Tons of people are getting more in touch with their sativa side these days. It seems like a lot of smokers might have gotten enough couchlock during the pandemic lockdowns and quarantines that there’s a bit of an overall rebound on the general preferences in dispensaries, which appear to be shifting.

Instead of looking for the best indica strains, many smokers are looking to have a more energetic and cerebral experience, and so they start dabbling in sativas. When you really want to kick up that creative energy and put your productivity into high gear, check out these strains. These are ten of the highest recorded THC content sativa strains that have blessed the earth so far.

10. Super Silver Haze – 24.5%

This is a great place to start working your way into the top-tier of sativas. Super Silver Haze is a direct descendant of Northern Lights and Skunk #1, this frosty beast puts those genes to good use. It sports a smooth citrus cream flavor to start.

Once you’ve smoked, you’re in for a long-lasting high that can turn a bit anxious or paranoid for those that are unfamiliar with intense sativas. You’ll have energy and focus initially, but soon the focus fades and you have a very heady finish.

9. Mother Gorilla – 25% 

Created in recent years, Mother Gorilla was created as an offshoot of strains Reina Madre and Gorilla Glue #4, to create a strain that pushes the 70% sativa mark, and has a super sweet and sugary taste profile. When grown to her best, has the dark green and purple tones of a more indica-heavy blend.

In the garden, you’ll smell her long before you see her, and you’ll be reminded of chocolate and earth with a sweet overtone. The high THC and delicious terpene profile make this a great smoke either in flower form or as a concentrate or extract. The high hits hard and fast.

8. Shogun – 25%

Shogun has a very respectable lineage and is a great representative of what a superb sativa can be. Coming from the cross of Amnesia Haze and Gorilla Glue #4, Shogun features a massive load of THC and terpenes. The buds are just loaded with frost and are really dense.

The high from Shogun is incredibly motivating and euphoric, so make sure you have plenty to do when you get blazed with this lady. Grab a beverage, fire up, and get some of the most proactive and creative work of your week done.


7. Trainwreck – 25%

The aptly-named Trainwreck will certainly make you think twice about tackling a strong sativa without proper reverence first. This sativa-heavy blend peaks at about one-quarter THC content, which is pretty amazing no matter how you look at it. 

The buds are piney, with notes of citrus, and have little stem mass in the buds, if grown well. The high hits you instantly, and will often give newcomers the giggles, leading to significant cerebral effects and energy. 

6. Royal Runtz – 27%

Even though Royal Runtz isn’t the most sativa-weighted hybrid, the high of this sativa weed strain won’t leave you weighed down. The incredible cerebral high this girl gives you will send your motivation and creativity into the stratosphere, and it will do it with the first hit you take. 

This sugary, fruity, fast-acting strain will get your mind right for whatever the day holds. They are also a very high producing plant for one that doesn’t get overwhelmingly tall like many sativas.

5. Ghost Train – 27% 

Routinely one of the most potent marijuana strains that you’ll find around, Ghost Train has tested at an absolutely chonky 27% THC and has been named one of the most powerful sativas on the planet more than once

The high from this one is where it gets its name. It hits you like a train, but you sure don’t see it coming. You should be able to enjoy stimulating, energizing, and uplifting highs from this dispensary staple. Steer clear if you have any anxiety, though.

4. Hulkberry – 27%

Named of course after The Incredible Hulk, though lacking the assumed genetics of other strain Bruce Banner, Hulkberry is the result of crossing an OG Kush and a Strawberry Diesel. These genes produced a huge trichome factory, big plants with deep green nugs, and one of the most massive highs around.

The super dense and compact flowers will hit you harder than you expect, promise. They have an insane crystal level with fiery flashes of orange and red here and there from the pistils. You won’t need a whole bowl of Hulkberry, just a few tokes should have your mind hulking out and ready to socialize.

Pineapple Express

3. Pineapple Express – 28%

This strain has been around far longer than many realize, and in that time it has had the chance to become a powerhouse of sativa mojo. The tropical fruit salad terpene profile is just another reason why Pineapple Express is one of the most sought after high-THC sativa strains.

Boosting your focus, relaxing your body, and sharpening your creative thinking, this is a great cannabis strain for those that suffer from depression, PTSD, or chronic inability to feel much from the average sativa.

2. Bruce Banner #3 – 29%

This monster creeps up on you, starting out mild-mannered and then transforming. Reaching THC concentrations of up to 29%, Bruce Banner is one of the strongest strains in the world. The intense waves of euphoria wash over the mind and body in an instant. Bruce Banner #3 came from the crossing of genetic elite, OG Kush, and Strawberry Diesel.

1. Memory Loss – 31%

Warning: crazy weed ahead. Testing as high as 31% THC in some grows, the perfectly named “Memory Loss” is the child of Amnesia Haze and Face Off OG. The intense high from this strain can last uncomfortably long for some, and the unfocused, scatterbrained euphoria definitely isn’t for everyone. Seemingly limitless creativity, energy, and hunger are some of the more appreciable effects of the Memory Loss strain.


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