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Mangoes and Marijuana: Can This Fruit Actually Improve Your Cannabis Experience?

Mangoes and Marijuana: Can This Fruit Actually Improve Your Cannabis Experience?

Regardless of how you use marijuana in your day-to-day life, a seasoned stoner is going to look for ways to get the most out of their stash. A person’s marijuana high can be improved in dozens of ways including tolerance breaks, physical activity first, and now by adding mango to your smoking routine. Would any other fruit do? Who knows! 

In general, mangos are juicy and seemingly exotic fruit that can be found in most grocery stores and organic specialty retailers across the globe. Unassuming in appearance, they might not be a go-to reach for most smokers, but we think it should be. The myth behind mangoes improving the smoking experience goes back decades to detail things like better taste, better smells, and deeper more profound effects. We’re here to tell you, it could all be true. 

Mangos and Marijuana 

Marijuana is a flowering plant that gives off a musky and earthy aroma when harvested. Over time, the sticky resin-like substance known as terpenes forms on the ends of the leaves. The more terpenes, the higher the quality of marijuana. These beads of deliciousness are responsible for the flavor and smell we’ve come to know and love in a good bud, but what might not be as commonly known is that these terpenes are also where all fruits and vegetables get their flavors and tastes from too! 

Terpenes come in dozens of different forms with differently named compounds. Depending on the appearance and chemical composition of the terpenes, the effect and sensory effects might dramatically vary. Terpenes aren’t just responsible for the taste and smell of a fruit or vegetable, they also contribute physiological and psychological changes when consumed. 

Specifically for mangos, the terpene that’s most abundantly found is called myrcene. This terpene also happens to be found in other plants, specifically marijuana. Myrcene has been linked to a promoter in permeability of the blood-brain barrier. This strip of tissue is a largely protective material that’s meant to reduce the number of toxins and intoxicants that make their way to the brain through the bloodstream. In short, the introduction of more myrcene into the blood while also consuming marijuana can help the THC compounds to get through the brain faster, leading to a quicker and more long-lasting high. 

How to Use Mangos and What to Expect

How to Use Mangos and What to Expect 

When it comes to marijuana additives like dried flowers or fruit juices, a common theme is to grind them into the bud mixture, or adding the liquid to a bong reservoir. Marijuana additives can make for a smoother pull, a better taste, and a nicer high depending on the kind of additives added. When it comes to mangoes and the effects described above, the best way to use them is to eat the mango 30 minutes to 90 minutes in advance. 

By ingesting the mango, not only do you get a juicy snack, but you also give the fruit time to gestate and release the myrcene needed for the full effect. Be sure that if you’re doing this for the first time, to smoke slowly and with a focus on the speed and effect of your marijuana mixture. A normal dose of marijuana amplified with the myrcene can prove to be a little too much for even the most experienced users. 

With that said, if you’re a user with a munchies experience, steer clear of the mango while smoking. The more mango consumed while actively smoking, the more likely it is to exceed the comfortable threshold and go into “way too high” territory. While overdosing on marijuana is an extremely uncommon occurrence, the possibility of getting high to the point of paranoia and anxiety is still very real. Moderation is key when using recreational supplements like cannabis, and knowing your limit and when to stop can help avoid some of these problems. 


There has been just a little research so far on the effects of terpenes on the human brain and the effects of terpenes on a marijuana high. Most researchers have concluded using mice that marijuana highs mixed with myrcene have produced some incredible results. Mice dosed with myrcene and THC have experienced a sedative-like effect that turns the cheeky squeakers into bonafide couch potatoes. And that’s just the beginning. 

Human marijuana consumers have posted about their experience with THC and myrcene and have reported some pretty great benefits. Heavy medicinal users who experimented with mango consumption prior to smoking reported a rapid reduction in the original onset of the high, as well as a long-lasting effect that spanned most of the day and into the next. 

Less frequent consumers reported a high that had them couch-locked for a while, with a flighty and head high for hours on hours. 

Both of these experiences can have some pretty incredible effects in the short term, but for casual smokers who don’t want the effect to last into the next day and interfere with your day-to-day grind, the mango method might not be for you. 

Mangoes and Cannabis


To make a long story short, the answer to the burning question about the mango and marijuana effect myth is absolutely astounding! 

Adding mango to your smoking routine can really elevate your marijuana experience to new heights (pun intended). The general consensus among users is that mango myrcene helps to increase the bud’s potency and reduce The effects are long-lasting and potent, without the need for a tolerance break or any back-breaking physical activity prior to consumption. 

As with anything else, consuming marijuana especially with additives should be done in moderation and with care. Staying hydrated and lucid enough to make positive choices is going to do wonders in ensuring your physical and mental health stays on the up and up as much as possible. Marijuana can have incredible medicinal and recreational properties, and when used responsibly can be a great kickback time.


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