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About Us

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Welcome to BCBX!

BC Bud Express is your trusted one-stop online shop for mail-order marijuana in Canada. BCBX carries a wide range of products, and partners with the best organic growers and suppliers to deliver the finest home-grown Canadian cannabis products directly to your front door.

At BC Bud Express, we believe in providing our customers with Quality, Comfort, and Service by offering the best quality products ordered from the comfort of your home, and delivered directly to you. Whether it’s for medicinal or recreational use, BC Bud Express has Canadian Cannabis covered!

BCBX makes sure all your orders are tightly and discreetly packaged to protect and maintain your privacy. We offer express shipping through Canada Post which conceals the contents of your package, and our Customer Service is always here to help. BC Bud Express always strives for HIGH quality!

Why Buy Weed Online from BC Bud Express?

BCBX supplies the finest high-grade, budget-friendly, organic BC Bud. We ensure a hassle-free, privacy-protected, customer-friendly shopping experience that will leave you highly satisfied!

Best Price

The best price, guaranteed! We partner directly with friendly growers and suppliers to ensure our customers are getting the best products at the best prices in the market.

Finest Products

We offer a variety of Marijuana Buds, Cannabis Concentrates, Marijuana Vape-Pens and Cartridges, Marijuana Edibles, and other cannabis concoctions as well as mushrooms for your medicinal and recreational needs.

Safe and Secure

We use cutting-edge digital security to ensure privacy and data protection including SSL compliance and an encrypted email service for payments. We will never share your information.

Superior Quality

Don’t panic, it's organic! Our craft cannabis growers have decades of experience growing cannabis in the Kootenays. Simply the best quality BC bud with no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

Wide Variety

We know variety is the spice of life and we work hard to ensure we have a wide range of the freshest and finest marijuana strains and highest-grade cannabis products available in Canada.

Express Delivery

BC Bud Express ships with Canada Post to ensure your cannabis care packages are delivered quickly and directly to your front door. We also offer free shipping on purchases over $250.

The BCBX Guarantee!

If you’ve bought marijuana products online before, then, like us, you’ve no doubt been disappointed by one of the many brand-new web dispensaries that have cropped up since the federal government legalized marijuana in Canada.

Operating a high-volume fulfillment service requires more than just good intentions and a nice website.  It requires a professional level of understanding and focus on logistics, process analysis, inventory control, and an almost military concern for efficiency wherever it can be gained.

Analysis of customer testimonials and reviews of mail order marijuana sites operating today reveal the three most common complaints: customers don’t get what they thought they were getting, don’t receive the product as fast they were led to expect, and don’t receive consistency in terms of product type or quality and delivery time frames.

Knowing about the three biggest issues with buying weed online, we had a fulfillment professional design BC Bud Express to be the fastest, most reliable mail order marijuana service in Canada.


BC Bud is well known and much revered the world over. BC Bud strains have won more international cannabis contests than any other region of the world. Just as it’s not champagne unless it comes from the Champagne region of France, it’s not BC Bud unless it comes from beautiful British Columbia. And we don’t just mean the seeds come from British Columbia. We won’t call it BC Bud unless it is developed, grown, and processed in BC by seasoned professional growers.

But not all BC Bud is created equal. BC Bud Express is committed to bringing you the highest quality marijuana sourced west of the Rockies. Our extensive producers network allows us to select only the finest strains for our customers. All our growers have a minimum 10 years experience, are licensed under the original MMAR (Medical Marijuana Access Regulations) program and go through a rigorous verification process to ensure every product is grown in accordance with the highest safety standards in the industry. All strains offered at BC Bud Express are grown in laboratory conditions, quality controlled (80% denial rate!), burn to white ash and are pesticide-free, resulting in an organically certified clean-burning and beautiful tasting product.

Proud of our growers’ work and our product selection, we can honestly state that you will not find a better quality smoke than the strains offered here at BC Bud Express.


The second most common complaint out there about buying weed online is how long it really takes to get your order. Most sites will take anywhere from one to several weeks to deliver while their promise was to get it to you within days.

Unlike other online marijuana dispensaries, BCBX operation managers have fulfillment industry background and have designed our system to allow for optimum turnaround time while keeping costs, and thus prices, down. With this professional fulfillment system in place, BC Bud Express processes and delivers all orders to the post office for shipping within 24 hours or by the end of the next business day following acceptance of payment.

All packages are vacuum-sealed in extra thick commercial grade plastic vacuum bags so absolutely no odor can be detected. They are then placed in standard Canada Post envelopes so they look just like any other package the postman might deliver.

All shipments are tracked and shipping times are guaranteed by Canada Post. You will be emailed the tracking number once your order is processed and sent to the post office. You can then check the current location of your order online at www.canadapost.ca/track 

Shipping Charges for Regular, Xpress or Priority are based on weight and distance. Free Shipping for purchases over $250


The third biggest complaint about buying weed online is inconsistency. What you receive in the mail is often nothing like the photograph of the strain posted, or is completely different than the same order you placed last time.

At BC Bud Express we have decided to focus on a select number of top quality strains sourced from the most trustworthy and consistent growers in our network. On top of this, whenever we restock one of our strains we take new photographs of the exact batch that is currently shipping. This way you know exactly what you are getting every time.

Lastly, unlike most other mail order marijuana retailers, we allow any and all customer testimonials and comments to be posted on our site and our social media outlets.  Find out from our customers exactly what makes us the mail order marijuana retailer you can rely on.

For further information visit the BCBX FAQ page.

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Buy About Us Online in Canada Safely and Easily with BC Bud Express