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Are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa Really Different?

Are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa Really Different?

Whenever you buy cannabis, you’ll notice that there’s a divide between cannabis indica and cannabis sativa strains. Indica and sativa are the two main types of plants known for producing THC-rich marijuana buds. Each plant has different qualities, and the strains they produce are known for different effects. But are cannabis indica and cannabis sativa really different? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are Cannabis Indica Strains?

Cannabis indica is one of the two main species of cannabis plants known for growing marijuana. In comparison to cannabis sativa plants, cannabis indica plants are shorter, bushier, and known for shorter growing times. They’re often favored by cannabis growers due to this and due to their ability to produce impressive yields of dense, potent buds.

When it comes to the effects of cannabis indica strains, they’re usually regarded as being more physically relaxing than sativa strains. They’re said to have more of a body-focused high, inducing a soothing tingly feeling throughout the body. They can also ease your mind and relieve stress.

Medical users generally pick indica strains when they’re trying to combat physical issues. For example, the physical effects are excellent for tackling chronic pain, headaches, and muscle strains while the mental effects help ease chronic stress. They’re also considered the best strains for counteracting insomnia.

If you need a good strain to relax in the evening or something that can help reduce pain and stress, indica strains are perfect. Indica strains are more common than sativa strains and there are plenty of choices out there. Popular examples include El Jefe, Nuken, Chemo, and Black Diamond.

What Are Cannabis Indica Strains

What Are Cannabis Sativa Strains?

Cannabis sativa is the other main species of cannabis that’s known for producing potent marijuana buds. While cannabis indica plants are short and bushy, sativa plants are generally tall and slim with narrow leaves. They produce large yields of foxtail-shaped buds, although they take longer to mature than indica plants.

Whereas indica strains are known for producing a more relaxing and body-focused high, sativa strains are said to induce an uplifting cerebral high. Users who want a boost in their mood, senses, and creativity usually opt for sativa strains over indica strains due to their mentally uplifting effects.

Medical users can also benefit from sativa strains- especially those looking to counteract mental health issues. They’re considered to be the best strains for helping with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and related ailments. They can also help combat chronic fatigue and can also help soothe pain and inflammation.

Sativa strains are great for social use due to their uplifting properties. They’re also a good choice for creative types who want to enhance their thoughts. They’re also regularly used as wake-and-bake strains for those who need something to perk them up in the morning. Popular sativa strains include Blue Dream, King Tut, Green Crack, and Purple Haze.

Are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa Really Different?

When it comes to buying cannabis, stores and dispensaries regularly separate strains based on whether they’re indica or sativa. Buyers also buy strains based on whether they’re looking for typically indica or sativa effects. However, many people question how different these two types of strains are.

Although cannabis indica and cannabis sativa plants are physically different, some users wonder if the effects of the strains are as different as they’re claimed to be. For instance, some researchers suggest that the differences between strains are more reliant on other factors, such as their individual cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles.

With that said, the distinction between indica and sativa strains can still be useful. Indica strains are usually higher in CBD, a cannabinoid that tames the effects of THC and induces a more physically soothing high. Many sativa strains are higher in terpenes like limonene which contribute to their uplifting qualities.

It’s also worth noting that cannabis users have a third option- hybrid strains. Hybrid cannabis strains are made by crossing an indica and sativa plant, resulting in strains that possess properties of both. Many strains these days possess both indica and sativa genetics, therefore giving users a mix of typically indica and sativa effects.

Where To Buy Cannabis

Where To Buy Cannabis

No matter what kind of strains you prefer, the best way to get your hands on them is to buy them online. Buying cannabis online allows you to get all the weed you need for convenient and discreet home delivery. Here are some of the best marijuana strains available to buy right now.

Nuken – Nuken is a great choice for users who want a relaxing and physically relieving high. It brings on a long-lasting euphoric high that’ll make you happy while simultaneously easing any pain or tension in your body. It’s great for evening or nighttime relaxation and is also a top medical strain.

Blue Dream – Blue Dream is perfect for both recreational and medical marijuana users. Not only does it induce a dreamy sativa head high, but it’s also capable of soothing your body without leaving you feeling lazy or sedated. It also has a sweet, blueberry-like scent that makes it a treat to smoke or vape.

OG Kush – OG Kush is one of the most legendary strains out there. This potent hybrid strain will lift your mood and enhance your senses, bringing on an exceptionally happy and giddy high before making you feel intensely physically relaxed.

Girl Scout Cookies – Girl Scout Cookies or GSC is known as one of the sweetest strains available, both for its delicious taste and enjoyable effects. If you want a strain that’ll make you feel completely carefree while also helping you physically relax, GSC won’t let you down.


So are cannabis indica and cannabis sativa all that different? These two types of cannabis possess different physical qualities and, although there’s debate on whether the effects they give you are different, their individual cannabinoid and terpene profiles may explain this.

The best way to choose the right strain for you is to pick based on its individual properties and effects. Fortunately, you can browse a massive range of strains and check out detailed descriptions and reviews when you buy online at BCBX.


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