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Master Mind New Mood Capsules


Pegasus Cannabis Infused Candy – 500mg THC


Mother’s Day Gift Package


CBD Honey 80 MG CBD


Mota 900mg THC Indica Tincture


Mota Chocolate Covered Caramel 120mg THC


Mota Dried Mango 80mg THC / 10mg CBD


Mota Infused Dried Kiwi 80mg THC / 10mg CBD


Mota Dried Pineapple 80mg THC 10mg CBD


Mota Chocolate Dipped Sour Key 100mg THC


Mota White 375mg CBD Tincture


Mota THC Sleep Tincture 1000mg


Mota CBD Sleep Tincture 1000mg


Mota THC/CBD 1:1 Sleep Tincture


Ganja Leaf Gummies – Canada Day Edition (250mg)


Array Bioceuticals CBD Capsules


Array Bioceuticals CBD/THC Capsules


Array Bioceuticals THC Capsules


Boost THC Sour Watermelon Gummies


Boost THC Variety-Pack Gummies


Boost CBD Tincture – Energize | 750mg Lime & Passionfruit


Mota Chilling Chocolates 120mg THC


Mota Spooky Spiders 120 MG THC


Mota Trick or Treat Jellies 120MG


Mota Triple Dose Peanut Butter Indica Cookie 330mg THC


Mota Chocolate Brownie 200mg THC


Mota Canna Cocoa 150mg THC


Jane’s Gummy Bears 200mg THC


Jane’s Gummy Bears 300mg THC


Jane’s 500mg THC Gummy


Jane’s 1:1 CBD | THC 500mg Bears


Jane’s Gummy Bears 200mg CBD

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