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Potluck Maple Bacon 300mg THC


Potluck Matcha White Chocolate 300mg THC


Gummie Squares


Birthday Cake THC Chocolate Bar 500MG


Dark 1:1 Chocolate Bar 250MG THC | 250MG CBD


Wonder Psilocybin Chocolate Bar – Blood Orange – 6g


Boost CBD Variety Pack Gummies


Potluck Cookies ‘N Creme 300mg THC


S’mores THC Chocolate Bar 500MG


Classic Milk THC Chocolate Bar 500MG


Milk CBD Chocolate Bar 500MG


Milk 1:1 Chocolate Bar 250MG THC | 250MG CBD


Boost Dark Chocolate Pack – CBD 200mg


Boost Dark Chocolate Pack – THC 200mg


Cookies & Cream THC Chocolate Bar 500MG


Animalitos CBD Small Breed Dog Tincture


High Dose Blackberry 1000mg THC


Boost Balanced 1:1 Tincture – 900mg Natural


Boost CBD Tincture – Focus | 750mg Grapefruit


Boost Milk Chocolate Pack – THC 200mg


Boost Milk Chocolate Pack – CBD 200mg


High Dose Tangerine 1500mg THC


Kandy Kandy High Dose 900MG


Mota 900mg THC Sativa Tincture


West Coast Teddies Sunshine Bears Sativa 300MG


Wonder Psilocybin Chocolate Bar – S’mores – 6g


Animalitos CBD Hot Spot Balm


Animalitos CBD Nose and Paw Balm


Animalitos CBD Dog Tincture


Animalitos Cat CBD Tincture


Cannabis Infused 70% Dark Chocolate Bars


Good Vibrations Cannabis Infused Jellies

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