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What Is Crumble Wax and How Do You Smoke It?

What Is Crumble Wax and How Do You Smoke It?

Smoking joints or using a bong filled with a cannabis flower are not the only ways for people to consume cannabis—though they may be the ones that most often come to mind when people think about marijuana.

As more places legalize the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, it is only natural that there are more products and ways of consuming it. These innovations are driven by what users want. For example, CBD’s increasing number of products is because more people wish to use CBD, thanks to its effects and the fact it doesn’t get them high.

Crumble Wax

Crumble Wax

Experienced marijuana users may find themselves looking for a more potent high that doesn’t require them to use large amounts of cannabis flowers (which can get pricey). Enter cannabis concentrates, a family of cannabis products of which crumble wax is a part.

What Is Crumble Wax?

Crumble wax is a type of cannabis concentrate that ranges in colour from pale yellow to deep yellow. What makes it unique compared to other concentrates is its consistency. Crumble wax is the driest type of extract on the market.

Crumble wax is also called honeycomb wax or crumble and is tricky to make. In a nutshell, crumble is made via a process that extracts cannabis resin from a marijuana plant using a solvent (often butane).

The manufacturers use heat and vacuum filtration to remove the solvents. This process is similar to how another concentrate, shatter, is made. But the next step is what makes them different.

Manufactures will use lower heat settings and longer vacuum times, which creates a drier product resembling a honeycomb. When this honeycomb is broken apart, crumble wax is born.

How to Smoke Crumble

Crumble is also unique from its other cannabis concentrate relatives because it can be used a few different ways, including:

  • Dabbing
  • Vaping
  • Smoking
  • Eating

Dabbing Crumble

Among these options, dabbing crumble is the most common method of consumption. But you might need to adjust to your dabbing technique or use a special tool because of its unique texture.

To dab crumble, you heat your nail and use your dab tool to pick up a small portion of the crumble. Then place the crumble on the nail, inhale, and enjoy.

Because of its dry texture, it is challenging to adhere the crumbled wax to your dab nail. Here are two ways to help ensure your crumble sticks to your dab tool:

  1. Purchase a dabber with a spoon tip; this tool will make it easier to pick up the crumble and apply it to the nail. You can even use it to keep the crumble on the nail.
  2. Slightly heat your current dab tool before using it. Heating the device will melt your crumble enough when you place it in the crumble jar that it will stick more quickly to the dab tool and the nail.

Smoking Crumble

Crumble wax is not ideal for smoking on its own, but it can be smoked when added to another dry flower.

To smoke crumble, users need to add it to their bong, bowl, blunt, or joint. Doing this will give a strong high, thanks to the crumble’s potency and can even enhance the flavours of the marijuana strain you are using.

Vaping Crumble Wax

Vaping marijuana and marijuana products are popular. If you have a vape designed to handle concentrates, add your crumble to the chamber and light up.

If your vape pen doesn’t have this capability, consider upgrading, so you can enjoy all the benefits that concentrates have to offer as part of your vaping experience.

The Benefits of Using Crumble

So, why should you consider joining the many cannabis fans in using crumble? There are many reasons:

  • They are potent. Concentrates are known for their potency, and crumble is no exception. They can come in with THC levels of 90% (and maybe even a little higher).
  • They can enhance other products. When added to other products like cannabis flowers, it can help improve their flavour and effects.
  • They are flavourful on their own. Besides boosting the flavour of other products when you add the crumbled wax, it is quite flavourful on its own, a benefit to many users.

How to Store Crumble

Crumble is very potent, so a little bit goes a long way. Because of this, your crumble will likely last a while, allowing you to use it multiple times. Correctly storing your crumble wax ensures it retains its flavour, potency, and texture.

Crumble should be kept in an airtight container that also protects the contents from light as both air and light can degrade the product, as can temperature. Once you’ve found an airtight container to store your crumble in, be sure to keep it in a cool, dark place.

Taking these steps will help extend your crumble’s shelf-life, ensuring you get the most out of your crumble purchase.

Crumble Wax: A Summary

Crumble wax may also be referred to as honeycomb wax or crumble. It is a type of cannabis concentrate but has a unique texture compared to other concentrates like shatter or budder.

The manufacturers use low temperatures to dry this particular concentrate. They also employ longer vacuum times compared to other products. This gives makers a product that is in the shape of a honeycomb. When handled, this honeycomb will crumble, creating the product we now know as crumble wax.

There are many ways people can smoke and ingest crumble, with the most common method being dabbing. But dabbing crumble may require users to invest in new tools or adjust their dabbing process.

In addition to dabbing, crumble fans can smoke it by adding it to joints or bongs and even vape it. This versatility, along with its potent effects, is what makes crumble popular and unique.

The first time you use crumble, be sure to start with a low dose as it can pack quite the punch, thanks to its potency.



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