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CBD Distillate- What Is It and How to Use It

CBD Distillate- What Is It and How to Use It

You are browsing a retailer’s CBD product collection. If you are new to the cannabis and CBD world, you’ll likely be shocked at the number of products and options you have to choose from.

CBD Distillate

CBD Distillate

As CBD’s popularity not only holds steady but continues to grow, more and more products are being created to meet this need.

One product you may see is CBD distillate. But what is it, and how can you use it? And what effects will you experience? Find out what you need to know before you decide to purchase CBD distillate.

What Is CBD?

Before you can understand what CBD distillate is and why people use it, you’ll need to know what CBD is. 

Marijuana plants have more than 100 different compounds called cannabinoids. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the two most prominent cannabinoids found in the plant (with THC being the other most prominent).

CBD is unique in that, unlike THC, it does not get users high. In fact, that property is one of the main reasons so many people enjoy using CBD products. They can experience relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties without the worry of getting high.

What Is CBD Distillate? 

CBD distillate is CBD in its most pure form. Though CBD distillate is maybe the most common form of this product, THC distillate is also on the market.

Distillates, in general, have a runny consistency and are translucent in appearance. Pure distillate does not have a taste or a smell either because all other elements have been stripped from it when it is created.

Manufacturers create CBD distillate after the removal of all other materials and compounds, except for one. This process involves removing everything from a plant, including its terpene profile. However, some companies will add terpene profiles back into the product after the fact to give it a taste and a smell.

Though some people might think that they can try and make distillates at home, this process is dangerous. Only professionals with the proper equipment should produce distillates and cannabis concentrates.

Why Use CBD Distillates?

There are many reasons people are starting to use CBD distillate. Three popular benefits of CBD distillate include:

  1. Their potency. Because CBD distillate is CBD in its pure form, it is highly potent, offering fast-acting and long-lasting effects.
  2. It is versatile. There are so many ways to use CBD distillate (see below). Users can buy it and work it into their marijuana use as they desire or use it on their own.
  3. It lacks taste and flavour. This factor allows users to have control over their final product’s taste and smell. For example, adding CBD distillate won’t change the flavour of whatever product it is being added to (unless you purchase a flavoured distillate product).

How to Use CBD Distillates

There are many ways users can use CBD distillates. The method you choose is up to you and your personal cannabis preferences.

Common ways of using CBD distillates include:

  • Dabbing. Though it is runny, distillates are generally thick enough to be placed on a dab nail and inhaled without completely sliding off before you have a chance to inhale it.
  • Vaping. CBD distillates are available in different flavours or their pure form.
  • Sublingually. This involves placing a few drops of the distillate under the tongue.
  • Rolling papers or bowls. Some CBD distillate users will put a few drops of the distillate onto rolling papers or in their bowl to intensify their experience. Because it is tasteless and flavourless, adding it in bowls and on rolling papers does not alter the taste or smell of the marijuana flower being smoked.
  • Edibles. CBD distillates are also suitable as an ingredient in edibles such as cookies, brownies, drinks and more.
  • Topicals. CBD distillate can be added to topicals, such as lotions or creams and applied directly to the skin. Though this method of using CBD is relatively new, CBD beauty products are quickly spreading throughout the market.

Can CBD Distillate Get Users High?

No, CBD distillates will not get you high. But keep in mind that CBD as a whole will not get users high. That’s one of its defining characteristics. 

However, CBD distillate is potent. Users can expect to experience all the effects CBD has to offer, but stronger and faster acting. That’s why some people choose to add distillates to their bowls or rolling papers. But, like any form of CBD, users will not get high.  

THC distillate is also available on the market, however. Because THC is responsible for the high most often associated with using marijuana, THC distillates will get users high. And incredibly so. For users looking for a strong high, THC distillate would be the better option.

In Conclusion

Generally speaking, CBD distillate is CBD in its purest form. Distillates have been stripped of all other parts of the plant, so only the raw form of the chosen compound remains (CBD in the case of CBD distillate). 

Marijuana is known for providing users with unique smells and a variety of tastes. This is due to its terpene profile. But CBD distillates have had their terpene profiles removed, leaving an odourless and tasteless product behind. Because it has no terpene profile, users can add CBD distillate to other products without altering its taste. 

However, some companies will re-introduce terpenes to the distillate after it has been created. The reason for this is that some people believe terpenes help give a more rounded experience to users, thanks to the entourage effect. 

There are many ways people can use CBD distillates; its versatility is one of the reasons it is so popular. Marijuana enthusiasts can vape it, dab it, use it in edibles, and even take it sublingually. 

Distillates are known to be quite potent. It’s another reason people enjoy using them. But, like any other CBD product, CBD distillate will not get users high. But it does offer people a more powerful CBD experience. 



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