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A More Mindful Breathing with Ganja Yoga

A More Mindful Breathing with Ganja Yoga

A More Mindful Breathing with Ganja YogaGanja Yoga is exactly what it sounds like: smoking pot before you take those poses. This is not a new practice, according to ancient fashion. According to author and proponent Dee Dussault, yogis have been using herbs to supplement their spiritual trip to “bring a shift in consciousness that allows one to become more open to psychological, emotional, and energy states that aren’t usually operational in the grind of daily life.”

Using cannabis wisely in yoga practice does not cloud one’s perception as many people mistakenly used to think. For yogi Danielle Simone Brand, the effect brought her “attention more fully into the present moment.” A few yoga first-timers in San Diego said that they were led to the practice due to their cannabis use. According to Amber Demers, a Ganja Yoga teacher, yoga students in her classes told her that smoking weed makes yoga more appealing with its restorative effect.

The practice veers away from standing asanas and focuses on yin yoga, which includes longer-held seated and reclining poses. Ganja Yoga starts with a 30-minute social weed smoking which helps students connect with one another. Then they go to their yoga mats for the poses. Lindsay Kellner says that with Ganja Yoga, her senses were heightened that the sounds around her became part of the flow. Many students, according to Demer, have attained peace that “helps them radiate more light to the world.”

Just make sure you consult with a professional before you practice Ganja Yoga since you should need a small dose of a familiar strain, enough to allow you to enjoy the elevated experience of yoga at the right amount of high.

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