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CBD Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

CBD Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

The CBD market is exploding, and there are more and more options for dosing. If you are new to CBD and wondering where you should start, this article will tell you exactly how to determine the optimal dose for you.

The Benefits Of CBD

It’s Non-Psychoactive

CBD has been shown to have many potential health benefits, ranging from the mundane to the remarkable. One of the primary benefits is that it lacks a psychoactive component to its effects like its cannabinoid cousin, delta-9-THC. This makes it an ideal therapy for those that want to leverage the benefits of cannabinoid therapies, but do not want the potentially intoxicating effects of psychoactive cannabinoids.

Antiemetic & Anti-Inflammatory

It has also been known to have substantial anti-inflammatory effects. Helping to minimize symptoms in those with arthritis and other swelling-related joint or motion pain. This is in addition to the well-known antiemetic properties. often attributed to other cannabinoids, the antiemetic properties of CBD can help those with chronic nausea, or gastric upset due to things like cancer treatment, pregnancy, and many more.

Neuroprotective Properties

The neuroprotective properties that have been associated with CBD are incredibly promising. The studies show that CBD can help protect the neural tissues against damage from certain degenerative diseases. This means it can be useful in the prevention and treatment of everything from schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and beyond. It is more effective as a neuroprotective antioxidant than both vitamin E and vitamin C.

It’s Safe

CBD has been shown time and time again that it is safe to use, both in low-dose treatments, as well as those that require much higher doses for much longer durations. There have been more than 130 studies that show, in aggregate, that CBD is safe beyond most common mediations. It has not been observed to alter heart rate, blood pressure, or body temperature, and the user retains both their psychological faculties, as well as their psychomotor functions. Daily doses of 1,500mg per day have been reported, however.

What The Science Is Saying

What The Science Is Saying

There have been several studies done on the effects of CBD on various symptoms and conditions, and in the overwhelming number of cases, the results are incredibly favorable. Not only does CBD have a safety profile that is nothing short of astounding, but it is effective at treating an extremely wide variety of symptoms, conditions, and illnesses.

An academic review of the studies and work surrounding CBD was done in 2017, and it found that the majority of studies showed that the effects of CBD could also improve the patients’ compliance and adherence to treatment when compared to other drugs. CBD therapy is often best utilized as an adjunct therapy, so it is frequently seen as most effective when used with other treatments.

There is a massive amount of data on CBD currently, and there’s bound to be more in the coming years. With many states moving more fulling into adult-use markets, there is surely going to be an increased demand for research, both short and long-term, into the effects and ongoing safety of CBD.

Determining The Right Dosage For You

Unfortunately, there isn’t any particular magic number when it comes to CBD dosages, and your ideal dosage will ultimately be determined by many factors. The most common and weighty factors of determining your dose will usually be:

  • Your current weight
  • Your metabolism
  • The condition or symptom you are treating
  • The concentration or CBD content of your dosage method, such as a gummy, pill, isolate, etc.

When you are thinking about potentially beginning CBD treatment, you should be sure you discuss it with your doctor or another preferred medical professional. They will be able to help you assess the potential risks when considered in the context of your particular medical condition and history. This can be crucial to bring up with your doctor, since being on some drugs like Epidoliex already can cause big issues with the treatment of seizures.

If they let you know that you will need something lower dosage, you may want to consider some average gummies. By far one of the easiest ways to take the supplement, but carrying a bottle of gummies isn’t always convenient. Gummies will often start at between 3mg-8mg per gummy, with several to many sold in the pack or bottle. 

Mild pain may only need 5mg once or twice a day, or as needed for pain or symptom management. More moderate pain may need to start the day with 10mg and monitor closely for the effects fading, another dose may be needed mid-day or in the evening to keep ahead of the pain. Severe pain may need to start the day with 20mg-40mg, increasing if needed, even upwards of 50mg before the point is found where the pain is manageable.

Is It Possible To Take An Excess Of CBD

Is It Possible To Take An Excess Of CBD?

While it is advisable to only take as much as is needed to achieve the results you want, there has been demonstrated safety in taking doses as large as 1,500mg per day for long periods. Even massive doses are tolerated well by humans and the most common adverse side effects are often noted to be diarrhea, fatigue or sleepiness, and changes in appetite or weight.

Check With Your Medical Professional

The best advice, even after all the internet research can provide for you, is to take a few minutes and talk to your doctor. Many are even doing telehealth visits now, and can even advise you during a 5-minute conversation that you can do from your home, without even putting on pants. Speaking with your doctor is a crucial step if you are already taking any medications, or if you have any preexisting conditions.

Most doctors, depending on the laws of the state in which you live, should be able to help you determine an effective CBD dosage based on your stats and their medical opinion of your symptoms. Depending on the situation, some may even be able to recommend preferred brands and even places to buy.


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