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Caviar – BCBX

Caviar – BCBX

HM Caviar

Meticulously crafted from the most delicate ice water extraction bubble hash, Hash Market. Caviar is a labour of love that packs a massive medicinal punch sure to help your luxurious smoking seat with a deeper, exquisitely refined butt-imprint.

Our caviar is triple purified ice water extracted French vanilla Mayan hash, coated in Amber Rosin and finished off with only the most excellent freeze drier bubble hash obtained from cannabis cup level B.C. Bud growers.”

When consumed, however that may be, the initial inhalation is smooth, easy on the throat and delivers instant pain relief and a relaxing sensation that overcomes you with a wave of happiness and euphoria.

Add some Caviar to a bowl, with a nail or on its own to create the perfect occasion to pull out that smoking jacket while shooting past the moonrocks into hyperspace.

Unlike Moon Rocks, Caviar is in it’s purest form of what it consists of. Every single aspect of this product is condensed right down to its extract.  The amount of time and energy that goes into this handcrafted art is expeditious and tedious, but well worth it.  BCBX Caviar puts all ‘Moon Rocks’ to shame.

The proof is in consumption and the high that comes after that. With every puff, you will feel yourself sink further and further into a space of ease and content, a world that revolves around euphoria, giggles and deep thought. This excellent product is terrific for those who need help with chronic pain, or arthritis pain.  On the flip side, it enhances your creative juices and sticks a permanent smile on your face.

We’ve named this delectable product, Caviar because it truly is exquisite,  Looking at her she looks harmless, being that they come to you in little crystal coated balls, that are halfway between dense and gooey.  They are pliable and easy to manipulate unlike Moon Rocks that fall apart when trying to apply to a joint or dab rig, We pack them in little small balls but be aware they are not to be smoked whole, all you need is the smallest amount for the best effect. Even for the most veteran of smokers, Caviar is potent.

One of the best things about Caviar is that it doesn’t go bad or dry out. Because of the mass content of Amber rosin and French vanilla Mayan Hash you can keep Caviar around for those days you need it most or add a little bit to your joints for an extra punch of flavour and experience.

After you’ve smoked Caviar, you won’t turn back.  This new age, modern cannabis extract product is precisely what the market needs and has been longing for so make way for the, soon to be, famous Caviar, king of all concentrate extracts!

Don’t be shy; we would love to hear what you think and love most about our prised gem. We always love hearing what our valued customers have to say about us and our carefully created products.

We hope you enjoy it! Happy smoking! And don’t forget to buy weed online only at BC Bud Express!



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