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Spring Promo

Spring Promo

Spring has Sprung at BCBX!

Premium Ounces of Smalls Starting at $45!

March 22nd – 25th


2 thoughts on “Spring Promo

  1. Candace Kemp says:

    I Love You Guys!! And of course your Fabulous Products That Are 100% #1 In My Books Too Lol… I have been with you guys for a long time, and I Will keep coming back!! The Pink Gas Smalls Are Very Tasty And Awesome For PAIN. The staff have worked so hard during the pandemic to making sure all customers orders are met.. GIVE YOURSELVES A VERY BIG PAT ON THE BACK YOU ALL DESERVE IT!!! ☺️ Thank You All❤❤❤

  2. jodi_krissy_nyberg says:

    I don’t go anywhere else anymore lol
    My go to for sure. And my friends I’ve invited, all have switched over aswell.

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