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Mystery PreRoll 420 Contest – Place a guess

Mystery PreRoll 420 Contest – Place a guess

Mystery PreRoll 420 Contest – Place a guess

We would like to thank everyone who celebrated 420 with BCBX!

Please place your guess what strain the Mystery PreRoll is in the comment section below, to be entered to win the the Mystery PreRoll 420 Contest!



73 thoughts on “Mystery PreRoll 420 Contest – Place a guess

  1. claudette charette says:

    My guess of strain for the Mystery PreRoll is Death Bubba

  2. James Forbes says:

    I’m gonna guess the mystery strain is CHEMO

  3. Elizabeth Simon says:

    Death bubba

  4. Crystal8322000 says:

    Death bubba

  5. andrejrsaumier41 says:

    Pink Rockstar

  6. mike.edling says:

    So Cal I’m thinking

  7. Blake West says:

    Death bubba

  8. Courtney Totten says:

    Tuna !

    1. andrejrsaumier41 says:

      Platinum Rockstar

  9. Courtney Totten says:

    Purple death bubba !

  10. Christa Zazzara says:

    Cookie Monster

    1. andrejrsaumier41 says:

      Death Bubba

  11. Joe Deschambault says:

    Super silver haze

    1. andrejrsaumier41 says:

      Silver Haze

    2. admin says:

      Congrats Joe, you have won the PreRoll Mystery Strain Contest with your guess of Super Silver HAZE!! – We will be contacting you to get your FREE ounce sent out to you!

  12. Joe Deschambault says:

    silver haze

  13. soter jr awashish says:

    Pink kush

  14. Sandy Senchuk says:

    Peanut butter

  15. thomasknott06 says:

    Silver Haze is my guess

  16. SantoSativo says:

    Peanut butter is!

  17. Vanessa Cullen says:

    Silver Haze

  18. Andrew Dawson says:

    Tom Ford Pink Kush

  19. jbcomeau1979 says:

    Death Bubba

  20. Caleb Campbell says:

    I think it’s Girl Scout cookies

  21. nana-mckinney says:

    Master Kush

  22. Max Trask says:

    I’m thinking MAC1 for the pre roll

  23. Matthew Monahan says:

    Mk ultra

  24. lindsstocker says:

    Death bubba for sure

    1. andrejrsaumier41 says:

      Silver Haze

      1. Saffron says:

        Hi thank you for entering our contest 🙂 please look out for our next contest.
        Have a great day

  25. 1980tag says:

    My guess is chocolate

  26. brandon_benko says:

    Pink death bubba

    1. nfldfish says:

      Pine tar kush

  27. curtlal says:

    Platinum rockstar

  28. bonniemacleod99 says:

    Pink Kush, but I’m a little bias
    Flavour of choice

  29. glassonion2004 says:


  30. bronsongarykelloway says:

    Animal mint

  31. kthgauthier says:

    Mike tyson

  32. andrejrsaumier41 says:

    Death baba

  33. andsonsboxers says:

    I would guess platinum pink kush for the pre roll

  34. andrejrsaumier41 says:

    Death Babba

  35. andrejrsaumier41 says:

    Death Bubba

  36. barryblakeowen says:

    Do si Do

  37. barryblakeowen says:

    Silver haze. Buddy gave me a sample

  38. Brandon Wiebe says:

    Ghost train

  39. Kelly Michel says:

    Bruce Banner

  40. dwernerbrown says:

    Maui wowie

  41. angelaahaggerty says:

    Rockstar shake

  42. curtis.kaulback says:

    Peanut Butter Breath

    1. andrejrsaumier41 says:

      Peanut butter

  43. msnug420 says:

    Death Bubba!

    1. andrejrsaumier41 says:

      Death bubba

  44. Joe Deschambault says:

    Pink kush

  45. joeleger59 says:

    Platinum rockstar

  46. Alysha Hickman says:

    Platinum Rockstar

  47. J O’Dwyer says:

    Platinum pink kush

  48. Marc-Andre Boulet says:

    Death Bubba

  49. Nikita Tuesday says:

    Island pink kush

  50. andrejrsaumier41 says:

    peanut butter

  51. coorslight_budweiser666 says:

    I believe it’s island pink kush

  52. Kayla Legere says:

    I’d say it’s either Bubba kush or Rockstar, that’s my guess.

  53. nfldfish says:

    Platinum pink kush

  54. Bobbie Van Laere says:

    Purple Apricot

  55. basil thurlby says:

    my first pick for a free oz is tom ford pink kush

  56. spme888 says:

    Tom ford pink kush

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