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You guys rock!!!

You guys rock!!!

I used to pay around $180 to $200 for an ounce and that was still good deal but sometimes wasn’t the greatest stuff and would be ripped off until legalization happened and the quality went up and the prices went down but even my local cannabis stores like my local liquor store they package in bulky plastic containers and it’s crispy dry, turns to powder, but the uplifting is still there so I pay around $80 to $100 an ounce witch is still pricey and adds up, until I found you guys at BCBX and you guys have top shelf quality products with the best prices, for nearly a year year don’t think I’ve bought an ounce for more then $60 witch is amazing! I don’t think I’m gonna shop anywhere else because these prices are unbelievable, you guys rock!!! Much love!

Travis Brown

white leave 2

Buy You guys rock!!! Online in Canada Safely and Easily with BC Bud Express

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