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BCBX Has the Best Bud in Canada!!

BCBX Has the Best Bud in Canada!!

BC has the best Bud in Canada and BC Bud Xpress has been the best company to deal with in Canada for at least 3 years. At 55 I’ve ordered online from a number of companies including some sketchy, same day delivery Co’s. I’ve not been tempted away to try any other company or dispensary since finding these greatpeople. Price per oz combined with excellent quality, staff that make you feel like you’re working as part of a family Co. Not a single mistake, after ++42 oz pouches (that count surprised even me!) Delivery is excellent and you get your tracking number as soon as they receive email $transfer. I’d love to offer helpful feedback but BCBXpress is just too darn good. Delivery is fast & free on orders over $250. Coupon codes are accepted. They even have a generous points programme And freebies. From opening their very user-friendly website to Check out, it’s all sweet. 3-4 days to just N of Toronto from west coast! Not a single complaint but if you see a gr8 deal that t you want, don’t hesitate too long.
The weekend flower sales are phenomenal and move fast. I highly recommend their “smalls”, that would be normal size Bud in Ontario. So affordable & effective. Good honest company that deserves your attention. Zero risk, check them out! Thank you kindly Trust Pilot, you’ve steered me to right companies many times. Glad to give back a gem of Canadian comfort.

Justin Case

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Buy BCBX Has the Best Bud in Canada!! Online in Canada Safely and Easily with BC Bud Express

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