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Pink Kush


Pink Kush is one of the most popular kinds of marijuana strains and it lives up to its name due to its amazing vibrant colors that gives a dominant and compelling high. This is usually seen and sold in Canada and Pacific Northwest. With its buds that can be easily harvested, it has an earthy, sweet, with a hint of vanilla, pine wood, and sweet berries, and a floral touch that can uplift one’s spirits as well as make them relax.

  • Lineage – Indica Dominant. OG Kush Relative.
  • THC – 20% average
  • Effects – Relaxed, Happy, Hungry, Euphoric, Uplifted, Sedated, Drowsy
  • Uses – Chronic Pain, Stress, Nausea, Insomnia, Anxiety, Fatigue, Depression

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An Indica dominant strain at 90/10 and an OG Kush relative, Pink Kush is one of those types of marijuana that are significantly known. It can be distinguished by green nugs and pink pistils or hair color combo. When touched, it can leave a sticky resin with a crystal appearance that looks like sugar on candy, due to manufacturing heavy trichome. With its buds that can be easily harvested, it has an earthy, sweet, with a hint of vanilla, pine wood, and sweet berries, and a floral touch that can uplift one’s spirits as well as make them relax.

Do not be scared of this marijuana strain because it can only stimulate huge appetites for burgers, nachos, and more food that can bring huge smiles and happy thoughts. Pink Kush causes a tingling, body buzz sensation that extends throughout a person’s body, giving them energy, and then making them calm, slowly turning them drowsy, sleeping beauties in just a span of a few hours. That is why it is advisable to take it in the evening.

The Pink Kush cannabis strain THC levels usually average around 20%, with its effects seemingly more dominant and potent. This is why it is not the best to try for beginners. The type of high it gives off is a boosting and elevating head high euphoria which brings and stimulates a person using it a sudden boost in extrovertedness and sociability that causes them to be talkative and have the need for interaction. If you have a wave of libido, this would be the time where a person will feel aroused.
This then fades into a calming effect that will make the body feel at ease and the mind at peace, eliminating racing thoughts which then gives a feeling of drowsiness, relaxation, and sedation that causes the person go into a heavy sleep in no time. Due to this, it is perfect for a reserved and chill night.
Speaking from a medical point of view, Pink Kush’s powerful and overwhelming body effect is proven beneficial to fight, combat, and make for an exceptional treatment for sickness and other ailments that require a fast release effect. Because of this characteristic, it is usually used as a treatment for chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, fatigue, and extreme nervousness. After a long and busy day, Pink Kush can be your companion to slow down a frenzied and chaotic world. Uplifting the body and treating anxiety, insomnia,pain, depression, and many more, Pink Kush will surely melt all the stress away while also making a person’s headspace feel free and at ease.

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Additional information

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1 review for Pink Kush

  1. Thomas Green

    This beautifully purple strain has a nice calming affect on me and it takes care of my chronic pain, nausea, and fatigue and can actually help me sleep if I want to.

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