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Mystery PreRoll


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Additional information

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80 reviews for Mystery PreRoll

  1. mclalune (verified owner)

    Merciiiiiii Pour ce beau cadeau ! Très apprécié !

  2. sheenaamini16 (verified owner)

    Mystery preroll was quite a surprise! Thanks BCBX! It was smooth and tasted pretty good,I think it’s….island pink.

  3. Andre Latter-Melanson (verified owner)

    Purple Kush ?

  4. Chris Deley (verified owner)

    Was good! Thanks bcbx!! Definitely a Bubba. Death Bubba or God’s Bubba if I had to guess. Bubba is such a unique flavor it kinda takes over anything blended with it. Be tough to tell

  5. cfunkland

    I recently ordered from BCBX and got an AWSOME 1.5 gram Free Preroll! Very smooth strian. Grease Monkey? We’ll see. Nice and smooth and fruity strain. Lasted a few minutes and burned evenly. A lovely surprise addition to my last order from BCBX!

  6. cfunkland

    I just got my order from BCBX and I was pleasantly surprised with a Mystery 1.5 Gram Mystery PreRoll! Awesome freebie! Was it Grandaddy Purple? Smooth Puff and a very decent high after for almost half a day! I am curious, as I would be interested in ordering some if I knew the exact strain! Just a great way to introduce a long time Cannabis fan to another smoothie strain! Thanks, BCBX!

  7. rjs2112 (verified owner)

    i believe the mystery pre roll i received was pink death bubba. one of my go to’s to go to sleep

  8. Shirley (verified owner)

    Mystery roll might have Purple Lizard… was nice and smooth!

  9. Rick Klassen (verified owner)

    Last one I received maybe a pink island kush

  10. Plastichippie (verified owner)

    Thanks for another great pre roll. I’ll say purple lizard just for the hell of it. Great flavor and smooth

  11. Sm_kehouse (verified owner)

    I’m guessing zombie red kush fingers crossed lol

  12. girlmomma (verified owner)

    Loved it! My guess is Pine Tar!

  13. serina34 (verified owner)

    Im guessing it was og master kush

  14. Alexander Swain (verified owner)

    Fantastic jay! Tastes great and has a really awesome buzz. Would recommend.

  15. itbbrian

    i think the mystery pre-roll is Death Bubba. 🙂

  16. claudette charette (verified owner)

    My last mystery pre roll I’m pretty sure was Black Mac Smalls , thank you for it and I enjoyed very much

  17. dragon.rdr (verified owner)

    I’m going to say Purple Apricot nice tasting

  18. girlmomma (verified owner)

    Loved it. Got one two weeks ago with my last order, my guess is still for Pine Tar, I love the pine/citrus taste!

  19. girlmomma (verified owner)

    Loved it. Got one two weeks ago with my last order, my guess is still the same!

  20. yvonjoyal17 (verified owner)

    It’s a mystery but my neighbour was high. That’s why he’s my neighbour

  21. Plastichippie (verified owner)

    These are always great to get in an order. What a tasty treat and only halfway through I’m done lol.

  22. Sharon Secondcost (verified owner)

    Such a great treat! and such a cute container! Perfect for on the go. LOVE it! Thank you!

  23. serina34 (verified owner)

    im guessing it was island pink kush

  24. serina34 (verified owner)

    my guess is that my mystery preroll was death bubba

  25. rjs2112 (verified owner)

    my guess it was Pink Death Bubba. Very Good Smoke!!

  26. angelaahaggerty (verified owner)

    My guess is death bubba!

  27. Robert Fiddler

    Mystery preroll guess contest Sept 06/23. Strawberry Banana strain.

  28. devinkline17 (verified owner)

    Thank you bcbx!
    It was a nice smoke… perhaps.
    Orange crush?
    Thanks again

  29. devinkline17 (verified owner)

    Orange crush? Was a perfect smoke !

  30. SantoSativo (verified owner)

    I think the strain winnter is Pink death bubba!

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