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Gold Seal Medical Hash


1g - $30.00 --> $22.50
3.5g (1/8 oz) - $90.00 --> $67.50 
7g (1/4oz) - $210.00 --> $157.50
14g (1/2oz) - $358.00 --> $268.50
28g (1oz) - $399.00 --> $299.25

BC Gold Seal Medi Hash. THC Levels 25-35%. BC Gold Seal Medi Hash is our brand new mid-tier local hash made in BC. It has a dark brown surface and a lighter brown interior and is lightly aromatic, with spicy tones and an earthy flavour. It has a soft, malleable consistency that makes it easy to work with, especially after the heat has been applied. It can be easily rolled into balls or mixed and rolled into/onto your joints.


Earn up to 2,993 Pot Points.



Gold Seal Medical Hash – Doctors hate him! This medical-grade hash packs a potent punch and makes a great choice for medical and recreational cannabis users alike. Each brick of this premium extract is stamped with the caduceus, a symbol used since ancient times to communicate medical properties. Medi Hash lives up to its name, boasting a potent THC content and a fairly high CBD concentration to boot.

These two cannabinoids work in consort to enhance one another’s possible healing properties. A super-clean solventless extract made with love in British Columbia, Medi Hash has taken the cannabis world by storm. Many online dispensaries have already sold out of this excellent extract – don’t get left behind!


  • Medical-grade hash made in old-school style
  • Solventless extract
  • Made in British Columbia
  • Balanced genetics – 50 percent indica, 50 percent sativa
  • 35 – 50 percent THC
  • 3 percent CBD

Appearance and Aroma

Medi Hash features a sweet, pungent aroma typical of old-school hash. Its flavour harkens back to the taste of Kush plants, giving it a distinctly earthy flavour and aroma. It tastes similar to bubble hash, so enthusiasts will appreciate its particular tones. Medi Hash has a soft, malleable texture, similar to chocolate truffle. That makes it particularly easy to break off into small, manageable pieces.

Uses and Effects

For casual smokers, Medi Hash provides an enjoyable buzz that balances the effects typical of both indicas and sativas. Smokers will find themselves tranquil but not tired, euphoric but not overstimulated. Users report it making them feel relaxed and happy.

Medi Hash also shines as an option for medical marijuana patients. Thanks to its robust cannabinoid profile, which features up to 50 percent THC and 3 percent CBD, Medi Hash has a variety of possible health benefits. Thanks to the entourage effect, the presence of both THC and CBD super-charges the possible anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing, appetite-enhancing, sleep-aiding, and other properties typical of cannabis.

For longtime stoners, Medi Hash will have a familiar appearance. This medical-grade extract is soft and easy to break apart, with a consistency similar to chocolate truffle. It boasts a pungent, slightly sweet aroma, sporting a “hashy” smell that old-school hash heads will appreciate.

It’ll come in a premade brick, and it’s simple to cut or tear off pieces to smoke. It’s highly sticky, though, so make sure not to place it directly on a surface like a tabletop.

Since it’s extracted from cannabis plants, Medi Hash has similar effects as marijuana flower. It’s significantly more potent, though. While cannabis flower can reach a THC concentration ranging from 20 to 30 percent, extracts like Medi Hash can reach 60 percent potency or more. Therefore, extracts are much more potent than flower.

As a result, the possible effects of THC, which may include anti-inflammatory and sleep-promoting properties, may be heightened and lengthened. Smokers have reported that THC and extracts like hash may be able to help manage symptoms of health-related issues. These issues may include insomnia, glaucoma, and chronic muscle or joint pain.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 10 g

1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

Reviews (1)

1 review for Gold Seal Medical Hash

  1. curtisl (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning high!
    Defintely will buy again.

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