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Blue Raspberry


1g - $12.99
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Blue Raspberry, also known as Blue Razz and Raspberry Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid (80% Indica / 20% Sativa) with an unknown true parentage, though it is believed to be developed by crossing the delicious Blue City Diesel and Snow Cone strains. The berry good high gives a THC level that ranges between 16% and 24%. The effects are long-lasting, beginning with a delightful taste in each puff, uplifting your spirits into a sky-high buzz with an instant kick that will glue you to your couch. You can get giggly and creative, ideal for some social affairs or even focusing on your creative tasks.

The buds of Blue Raspberry have fluffy rounded nugs that are dark green in color with a hint of dark blue. The leaves are purple and the nugs are coated with crystalline trichomes with sticky resin that have some sweetness to the taste. The smell of Blue Raspberry strain reminds you of real raspberries with a skunky aroma of earthy undertones. It is medically used for treating depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), hypertension, and chronic pain.

  • Lineage: Indica-dominant Hybrid (80% Indica / 20% Sativa); unknown true parentage
  • THC: 16% to 24%
  • Effects: Relaxed, Uplifted, Happy, Euphoric
  • Uses: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Hypertension, Migraines, Anxiety, Pain, Depression



Earn up to 2,490 Pot Points.

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Blue Raspberry is a heavy Indica hybrid with a ratio of 80% Indica / 20% Sativa that packs a THC level that ranges between 16% and 24%. Also called the Blue Razz and Raspberry Kush, you will surely get some taste of some real raspberry hinted by its purple leaves and dark green nugs with deep blue undertones. Although its true parentage remains unknown, it is believed to be created by crossing Blue City Diesel and Snow Cone strains, producing a razzy, jazzy high with berry good euphoric effects.

The blissful experience starts with the sweet taste then a jolt kicks in your mind that will shoot your spirits high up in the air and suddenly pulls you down with some gravity of body relaxation. This strain is perfect when you want to get social at a party but also works well on your artistic pursuits as it stimulates creative juices. It can even glue you to your seat if you want to just relax and finish a movie or two. Blue Raspberry is used by those who suffer from hypertension, chronic pain, anxiety, ADD / ADHD, and insomnia.

Get a very good high from a berry strain.

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Additional information

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1 review for Blue Raspberry

  1. Rad Ferris

    In just a couple of puffs and I became a fan of this strain. Just pure fun and great high.

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