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Astro Quads Vape Cartridges


Astro Quads HTFSE distillate vape cartridges are created using only the highest quality AAAA flower available on the market.

Astro Quads carts are made with high-quality steel and pyrex glass to avoid breakage. Due to the smooth and efficient air flow design, Astro Quads cartridges produce a thick, smooth smoking experience that is unique to these cartridges. Each 510 thread cartridge is all organic, fractional distillation, free of any additives (VG, PG, PEG, MCT).

1.1g Delta 9 Distillate Vape Cartridge – 510 Thread – Verified Hardware
Bruce Banner | BC Valley Gas | Wagyu A5 | Death Bubba | Mac1 | Pineapple Express | Jet Fuel | Northern Lights | Jack Herer | Pink Death | Astro Boy | Forbidden Fruit | Platinum OG | Ghost Train Haze | Gods Gift | Tahoe OG | King Louis XIII | Tom Ford Pink | Russian Cream | Green Crack | Guava | Blue Dream | Papaya | Banana Runtz | Lychee | Grapefruit | Watermelon Zkittles

Earn up to 300 Pot Points.



Astro Quads Vape Cartridges – Get sent to space with Astro Vape Cartridges! Astro Quads cartridges are designed with premium standard materials such as steel and pyrex glass to prevent the vape pen cartridge from breaking. The hurdle-less and easy design of Astro Quads cartridges enables effortless and serene smoking which is made unique by these cartridges.

1.1g Delta 9 distillate vape cartridge – 510 Thread – Verified Hardware

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 10 g

Bruce Banner, BC Valley Gas, Wagyu A5, Death Bubba, Mac1, Pineapple Express, Jet Fuel, Northern Lights, Jack Herer, Pink Death, Astro Boy, Forbidden Fruit, Platinum OG, Ghost Train Haze, Gods Gift , Tahoe OG, King Louis XIII, Tom Ford Pink, Russian Cream, Green Crack, Guava, Blue Dream, Papaya, Banana Runtz, Lychee, Grapefruit, Watermelon Zkittles

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Astro Quads Vape Cartridges

  1. weiserton14

    This 8s hands down the smoothest tastiest vaoe I have ever had the pleasure of my new vape and bud supplier it looks like!

  2. Jensen Cheng

    bought 9 cartridges all turned out good

  3. Plastichippie

    Good stuff but the tip came off the cap easy. Thankfully it still flows. Nice smooth vape and it says htfse (high terp full spec extract) so nice tingles from the sativa flavor I got. Natural terps make a difference

  4. Sharon Secondcost

    Smooth hitting. Great high! Helps me get things done without the burnout! Definitely a must try!

  5. Plastichippie

    Got five more flavors. Very smooth, tasty and potent, but again do not attempt to use these with adapters as it will pull the cap right off. Other then that a solid cart and distillate.

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