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Surprise AAA+ Smalls


ALL NEW STRAINS AAA+ & AAAA Surprise Smalls Are Back!!

1oz - $79.00 Sale --> $69.00
2oz - $156.00 Sale --> $118.00
4oz - $225.00 Sale --> $190.00 ($47.50 per oz)

Leave a Review on Surprise Smalls 
Product Page and Earn Double the Points For Your Review!!

You know where to get your BC bud online: at BCBX!

SKU: aaa-surprise-strain-smalls


Surprise AAA+ Smalls - Leave a Review on Surprise Smalls Product Page and Earn Double the 
Points For Your Review!!

All Strains are AAA+ & AAAA Quality!!
Additional information

Additional information

Weight100 g

2 x 28g, 4 x 28g, 28g

Reviews (56)

56 reviews for Surprise AAA+ Smalls

  1. donpike13

    Love the pricing!! Can’t wait to try this! Looks good…big or small buds doesn’t matter, I love BCBX!!
    Thanks for your exceptional service!

  2. Charmeze99

    Love this package deal, thank you so much guys was a wonderful purchase

  3. raymondrowe65

    Can’t wait to see what I get. Love the price

  4. brogers8415

    cant wait to try this ! first timer here love the prices!!!

  5. theemissmandy

    It’s not bad at all for the price that you’re paying per oz. just like any other strain, just smaller buds 🙂

  6. SantoSativo

    Love the flavour and tastes! Small nugs or not this is great!! I would definitely buy it again!

  7. donpike13

    Once again BCBX for the win with exceptional pricing and quality buds…big or small I love em all!!
    Thanks for your amazing services, you guys rock!

  8. t_embro_80

    First time I ordered I didn’t know what to think.. but when I got it I was surprised.. very nice small buds and they were amazing awesome erb for an amazing price…. will be getting this alot especially if its different kinds

  9. jarrodcooke82

    I’ve ordered from BCBX 3 times now and the quality unreal. You will not find better pricing anywhere else. Plus I have to mention how they went above and beyond on my last order. I ordered 4 oz and something messed up in the mail. I told them I was going out of town the next day for work and will not receive my package in time. So they went out of their way and personally delivered my QP that night. And then let me keep the package that came in the mail. 5 stars.

  10. matthew9461

    All the different kinds were good and I ended up with an oz of my favourite, green crack. Great shipping speed and great price overall. ✌️Big or small I’ll smoke them all.

  11. high.giraffe2408

    Love the price, taste and smells amazing!! Will definitely repeat

  12. Marc-André Collard

    Impatient de recevoir!

  13. Julz

    Awesome strains and taste , pretty pungent for such little nugs. I loved my variety , rockstar, purple candy , wedding crasher and as a bonus platinum kush breath, WOW!

  14. Thumper

    Just got my order today and the Surprise for me was Mac1 Smalls. Great look’n little buds and solid too. Perfect for me cause I use a hand grinder or mini electric grinder and have to break down bigger buds to this size anyways. Haven’t tried it yet but looking forward to it. Looking forward to my next Surprise in the future. Thanx BCBX.

  15. mcfadyen.taylor

    Wicked deal

  16. krsacony

    Honestly so glad I bought from bcbx. This was my first time purchasing from them, and I have already tried many different MOM sites prior to this one. I like to call myself a seasoned smoker, and can be a bit picky with my buds. When I received my package (very quickly! Maybe 3-4 days) I was delighted. The quality was excellent. Small dense nugs, frosty and pungent. I got powdered donuts and death bubba. Wow. I haven’t been high like a 16 year old in 7 years.
    As a student, the pricing of this product is ideal and I wouldn’t ask for a better quality smoke. I’ll be back 😉
    Thank you to the team at

  17. Shirley Martineau

    I’m telling all my friends about this site .Ive gotten the surprise smalls.. .end up being delightful smalls. The price is outta this world with these smalls. You certainly get more bang for yr buck with these

  18. Walter Dobrowney

    BCBX rocks, I am looking forward to getting these, great prices and great people to deal with.

  19. katie.hanlon.h5

    super excited to see what kinds i get
    love surprises ! especially from bcbx!
    5 stars every time !

  20. jayjay0550

    Great pricing, absolutely lovely product!! This is the third time I have ordered this surprise smalls and I will definitely continue to order it! Great quality.

  21. Matt Rounds

    No sleep zone, I repeat, do not sleep on this, the smalls that came with mine were Rockstar, Bruce Banner, MAC1, and PBB ! AMAZING !
    If I could do an 8 Star review I would

  22. justin.jackman87

    This site is f**k**g awesome. It has the best quality for cheapest prices. I like to try different kinds so the Surprise Smalls has been the best money spent for amazing weed. I ordered the 4X28 . I only received 2 ounces of actual smalls. OGKB Smalls , now I don’t consider the buds small,the other 2 were Death Bubba and Super Pink Kush. So I will be ordering this again. BCBX you are

  23. Michelle Tandari

    Quality is good and you can’t beat the price

  24. JahMakeYa

    YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN. GREAT DEAL!!!! The Surprise factor is almost as good as the quality

  25. Josh Bruyere

    Excellent quality for the price and it will surprise you in the right way!

  26. Matt Rounds

    Amazing bud for an amazing price again. Got Rockstar, death Bubba, and OGKB! Wish I didn’t get 2 of the same kind, or 2 death bubbas, but, it waas OGKB so I truly can’t complain !

  27. B Chambers

    Yummy. Always awesomes sales and service

  28. justin.jackman87

    Just received another order of suprise smalls. BCBX you never disappoint. Rockstar Peanut Butter smals, OGKB smalls . Pink Rockstar smalls, and Island Pink Kush smalls . Also they gave me a ounce of Platinum Rockstar for my birthday for free and 5.5 grams of super pink Kush. I can’t wait to place my next order with the new strains you released. If I could rate you any higher than 5 I would. You guys fucking rock.

  29. Matt Rounds

    Hell yeah !! Platinum pink kush !!

  30. booandlex

    This is a fantastic deal!!!! I love getting smalls and these certainly didn’t disappoint. I would buy again in a heartbeat!

  31. jodi_krissy_nyberg

    Just finished my 3rd order of this ND my last order, by far thee best yet.
    This set has been my best choice so far. Ordering again for sure and no where else

  32. soter jr awashish

    Love this strain very smooth and I am ordering again when I have money that’s for sure

  33. a.beauchamp

    Love the smalls! The price for the quantity is unbeatable. I am always pleased with the strains that they surprise me with. You get more bud and less stem and makes hand grinding easier. Highly recommend

  34. curtlal

    Wow! Really 4 oz for $190
    Just received my order.
    Bcbx you guys are truly amazing this deal is remarkable.
    I will honestly say I am buying this again…
    And again, and again 🙂

  35. kenny.nolan

    I got some of this bud from a friend and by it sure surprise will next time i order

  36. kenny.nolan

    Sorry to give it 5 stars

  37. jodi_krissy_nyberg

    Love this new batch I’ve gotten so far this time.
    Lindsay smalls
    Purple death Bubba smalls
    Pink runt smalls
    Gorilla Glue 4 smalls
    Pre-roll was fabulous too!!!

  38. zoeefitz

    Super great, always! Usually get a good variety and always great quality. 10/10

  39. wielenga

    loved the kowabunga!
    so smooth!

  40. Kenna Gould

    Always good sproduct. My fave product on the site

  41. gab.villeneuve

    Loved it. Once again a great product from you guys. Great solid high.

  42. thescaryuncle

    As always, BCBX delivers the finest, most cost effective and highest quality product. I will definitely be ordering the surprise smalls again! 5 stars!

  43. matthew9461

    Always a great price for a variety of quality buds to enjoy. Highly recommend. ✌

  44. Richard Runge

    Great to see it back so quick. Love the variety and price.

  45. weiserton14

    This is an amazing deal. All the smalls are top quality too.

  46. jodi_krissy_nyberg

    Great batch this time again
    Zombie Red
    Rockstar platinum
    Mku og
    All smalls. All amazing so far!
    Thx BCBX

  47. Maxine Maillet

    Amazing deal. Great quality. Perfect to vape.

  48. dave_joanne

    Great deal great weed every time. I keep coming back!

  49. fallonn_g

    I’ve heard good thing about this one so I’m giving it a try!!
    Always good products and service THANKS BCBX

  50. Morgan Chabot

    Always tastes and smokes amazing!! Best online site ever and can’t beat the prices

  51. jodi_krissy_nyberg

    This is I think my 6th or 7thtime ordering this package. It’s still by far the best out there!!! I recommend it to all my friends!!!

    For my free pre roll, I’m guessing it’s Citrique. The smell n taste was so close too close to think of something else.

  52. devinkline17

    Love smalls!
    Good smoke at the best price!!!!

  53. Richard Runge

    Love your pricing and the quality is beautiful and I’ve ordered a few times now thru you now and no complaints.
    But was a little disappointed on my last order when my girlfriend and I both ordered the same order and with the same express post delivery to the same area and I got charged almost 10 dollars more than she did.

  54. JahMakeYa

    Always Fabulous. Have been getting a bunch of Rockstars -pink, plat…and I love the different flavours and highs from each. This is such a great deal. I Love to get this package for 190 and then tag a cheap $69 AAAA oz for the free shipping. Let the points build up and tag another oz for free! Quality is always here

  55. Maxine Maillet

    Great quality as always. Would buy again.

  56. curtisl

    Wow! Price is absolutely amazing
    Quality of the weed is always consistent.
    Good job BCBX.

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Buy Surprise AAA+ Smalls Online in Canada Safely and Easily with BC Bud Express

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